Cold Warriors

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In Rummerfield, Pennsylvania at the height of the Cold War, a handful of young American-Hungarians were ready to fight for freedom in a homeland they barely knew. Nearly half a century later, in 2016, they return to the remote, run-down farm along the Susquehanna River, to the revolution of their past – and the dreams of their youth. This is an unusual class reunion that speaks about the Iron Curtain, the Cold War and being a hyphenated American. About having two homelands – and one sense of justice.

“We were training to eventually help liberate Hungary, that we would eventually become either paratroopers or in some way cross the border and go back to Hungary as part of a liberation organization.” — András Ludányi, political scientist, member of the Hungarian-American Rifle Association



Réka Pigniczky

Original idea

Andrea Lauer Rice


Zsuzsanna Gellér-Varga, Réka Pigniczky


Hargittai László, H.S.E.

Story editor

Gellér-Varga Zsuzsanna


Katalin Kádár Lynn, Eörsi László, Szentkirályi Endre

Original score

Parádi Gergely


Rózsa Ákos

Sound engineer

Stéger Tamás


Gerő Barnabás, Pigniczky Réka

Line Producer

Dr. Szűcs Ildikó

Production company

56 Films
Cold Warriors/Lövészek (USA/Hungary, 56 min., 2017)